Archaeological Sites

Roman Villa (Skala)

The roman villa is dated from the 2nd century. It was discovered in 1957 during an excavation and has been of great interest because of its extremely well-preserved mosaics, which were the work of artist Krateros. According to the survey, the owner was a wealthy Roman villa as it was warm baths. The remains of a Doric temple of the fifth century was dedicated to Apollo, found on the outskirts of Skala.

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Ratified it in ancient ships transiting to and from Italy, Sicily or Malta were caught in the Gulf port of Poros.
Moreover, a temple dedicated to the god Neptune was discovered in the same area, the mosaics can be admired in the archaeological museum in Argostoli.

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Krane (Argostoli)

The ruins of the ancient city of Krane (7th and 6th centuries BC), along with the famous cyclopean walls that protect the region, have been discovered on the shores of scenic Lake of the puppy. Also the remains of a Doric temple afieromenou the goddess Demeter, and the ancient inscription "Triopis Damatria and Kora" found 3 km east, gives the area of great archaeological value. Part of the findings can be found at the archaeological museum in Argostoli.

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